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ARIES Mar 21 | Apr 19 In 1930, some British mys­tery writ­ers formed a club to pro­vide each other with artis­tic sup­port and con­vivi­al­ity. They swore an oath to write their sto­ries so that solv­ing crimes hap­pened solely through the wits of their fic­tional de­tec­tives, and not through “Di­vine Rev­e­la­tion, Fem­i­nine In­tu­ition, Mumbo Jumbo, Jig­gery-Pok­ery or Act of God.” I un­der­stand that prin­ci­ple, but don’t en­dorse it for your use in the com­ing weeks. On the con­trary. I hope you’ll be on the alert and re­cep­tive to Di­vine Rev­e­la­tions, Fem­i­nine In­tu­ition, Mumbo Jumbo, Jig­gery-Pok­ery and Acts of God.

TAU­RUS Apr 20 | May 20 When you’re pre­scribed an­tibi­otic pills to fight off in­fec­tion, you should fin­ish the en­tire round. If you stop tak­ing the meds part­way through be­cause you’re feel­ing bet­ter, you might en­able a stronger ver­sion of the orig­i­nal in­fec­tor to get a foothold in your sys­tem. This les­son pro­vides an apt metaphor for a process you’re now un­der­go­ing. As you seek to purge a cer­tain un­help­ful pres­ence in your life, you must fol­low through to the end. Don’t get lax half­way through. Keep on cleans­ing your­self and shed­ding the un­wanted in­flu­ence be­yond the time you’re sure you’re free of it.

GEM­INI May 21 | Jun 20 Dan­ish sci­en­tist and poet Piet Hein wrote this me­lan­choly med­i­ta­tion: “Los­ing one glove is painful, but noth­ing com­pared to the pain of los­ing one, throw­ing away the other and find­ing the first one again.” Let his words serve as a help­ful warn­ing to you, Gem­ini. If you lose one of your gloves, don’t im­me­di­ately get rid of the sec­ond. Rather, be pa­tient and await the even­tual reap­pear­ance of the first. The same prin­ci­ple ap­plies to other things that might tem­po­rar­ily go miss­ing.

CAN­CER Jun 21 | Jul 22 Cance­rian au­thor El­iz­a­beth Gil­bert is a soul­ful ob­server whose prose en­ter­tains and il­lu­mi­nates me. She’s well aware of her own lim­i­ta­tions, how­ever. For ex­am­ple, she writes, “Ev­ery few years, I think, ‘Maybe now I’m fi­nally smart enough or so­phis­ti­cated enough to un­der­stand Ulysses. So I pick it up and try it again. And by page 10, as al­ways, I’m like, ‘What the hell?’” Gil­bert is re­fer­ring to the renowned 20th-cen­tury novel, James Joyce’s mas­ter­work. She just can’t ap­pre­ci­ate it. I pro­pose that you make her your in­spi­ra­tional role model in the com­ing weeks. Now is a favourable time to ac­knowl­edge and ac­cept that there are cer­tain good in­flu­ences and in­ter­est­ing things that you will sim­ply never be able to ben­e­fit from. And that’s okay!

LEO Jul 23 | Aug 22 More than three cen­turies ago, Dutch im­mi­grants in New York ate a dessert known as the olykoek, or oily cake: sugar-sweet­ened dough deep-fried in pig fat. It was the fore­run­ner of the modern dough­nut. One prob­lem with the oth­er­wise de­lec­ta­ble snack was that the cen­tre wasn’t al­ways fully cooked. In 1847, a man named Han­son Gre­gory fi­nally found a so­lu­tion. Us­ing a pep­per shaker, he punched a hole in the mid­dle of the dough, thus launch­ing the shape that has en­dured un­til to­day. I bring this to your at­ten­tion be­cause I sus­pect you’re at a com­pa­ra­ble turn­ing point. If all goes ac­cord­ing to cos­mic plan, you will dis­cover a key in­no­va­tion that makes a pretty good thing even bet­ter. go­ing to quote pop star Se­lena Gomez. But ac­cord­ing to my anal­y­sis of the cur­rent as­tro­log­i­cal omens, her sim­ple, home­spun ad­vice could be es­pe­cially help­ful to you in the com­ing weeks. “Never look back,” she says. “If Cin­derella had looked back and picked up the shoe, she would have never found her prince.” Just to be clear, Virgo, I’m not say­ing you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence an ad­ven­ture that has a plot akin to the Cin­derella fairy tale. But I do ex­pect you will ben­e­fit from a “loss” as long as you’re fo­cused on what’s ahead of you rather than what’s be­hind you. LI­BRA Sep 23 | Oct 22 Among the pieces of jew­ellery worn by su­per­star Elvis Pres­ley were a Chris­tian cross and a Star of David. “I don’t want to miss out on heaven due to a tech­ni­cal­ity,” he tes­ti­fied. In that spirit, and in ac­cor­dance with as­tro­log­i­cal omens, I urge you, too, to cover all your bases in the com­ing weeks. Hon­our your im­por­tant in­flu­ences. Be ex­tra nice to ev­ery­one who might have some­thing to of­fer you in the fu­ture. Show your ap­pre­ci­a­tion for those who have helped make you who you are. And be as open­minded and wel­com­ing and mul­ti­cul­tural as you can gen­uinely be. Your motto is “Em­brace the rain­bow.” SCOR­PIO Oct 23 | Nov 21 Are you a gam­bling ad­dict seek­ing power over your ad­dic­tion? If you live in Michi­gan or Illi­nois, you can for­mally black­list your­self from all casi­nos. Any­time your re­solve wanes and you wan­der into a casino, you can be ar­rested and fined for tres­pass­ing. I in­vite you to con­sider a com­pa­ra­ble ap­proach as you work to free your­self from a bad habit or de­bil­i­tat­ing ob­ses­sion. En­list some help in en­forc­ing your de­sire to re­frain. Cre­ate an ob­struc­tion that will in­ter­fere with your abil­ity to act on neg­a­tive im­pulses. SAGIT­TAR­IUS Nov 22 | Dec 21 “What is the point of be­ing alive if you don’t at least try to do some­thing re­mark­able?” Au­thor John Green asked that ques­tion. I con­fess that I’m not en­tirely com­fort­able with it. It’s a bit pushy. I find I’m more likely to do re­mark­able things if I’m not try­ing too hard to do re­mark­able things. Nev­er­the­less, I of­fer it as one of your key themes for 2019. I sus­pect you will be so nat­u­rally in­clined to do re­mark­able things that you won’t feel pres­sure to do so. Here’s my only ad­vice: up the ante on your de­sire to be fully your­self; dream up new ways to give your most im­por­tant gifts; ex­plore all the pos­si­bil­i­ties of how you can ex­press your soul’s code with vigour and rigour. CAPRI­CORN Dec 22 | Jan 19 In the fairy tale “Goldilocks And The Three Bears,” the hero­ine re­jects both the op­tions that are too puny and too ex­ces­sive. She wisely de­cides that just enough is ex­actly right. I think she’s a good role model for you. Af­ter your time of feel­ing some­what de­prived, it would be un­der­stand­able if you were tempted to crave too much and ask for too much and grab too much. It would be un­der­stand­able, yes, but mis­taken. For now, just enough is ex­actly right. AQUAR­IUS Jan 20 | Feb 18 In 1140, two dy­nas­ties were at war in Weins­berg, in what’s now south­ern Ger­many. Con­rad III, leader of the Ho­hen­staufen dy­nasty, laid siege to the cas­tle at Weins­berg, head­quar­ters of the ri­val Welfs dy­nasty. Things went badly for the Welfs, and just be­fore Con­rad launched a fi­nal at­tack, they sur­ren­dered. With a last-minute touch of mercy, Con­rad agreed to al­low the women of the cas­tle to flee in safety along with what­ever pos­ses­sions they could carry. The women had an in­ge­nious re­sponse. They lifted their hus­bands onto their backs and hauled them away to free­dom. Con­rad tol­er­ated the trick, say­ing he would stand by his prom­ise. I fore­see a metaphor­i­cally com­pa­ra­ble op­por­tu­nity aris­ing for you, Aquar­ius. It won’t be a life-or-death sit­u­a­tion like that of the Welfs, but it will re­sem­ble it in that your orig­i­nal think­ing can lead you and yours to greater free­dom. PISCES Feb 19 | Mar 20 The Na­tional Cen­ter for Biotech­nol­ogy In­for­ma­tion re­ported on a 15-year-old boy who had the no­tion that he could make him­self into a su­per­hero. First he ar­ranged to get bit­ten by many spi­ders in the hope of ac­quir­ing the pow­ers of Spi­der­man. That didn’t work. Next, he in­jected mer­cury into his skin, the­o­riz­ing it might give him tal­ents com­pa­ra­ble to the Mar­vel Comics mu­tant char­ac­ter named Mer­cury. As you strate­gize to build your power and clout in 2019, Pisces, I trust you won’t re­sort to ques­tion­able meth­ods like those. You won’t need to! Your in­tu­ition should steadily guide you, pro­vid­ing pre­cise in­for­ma­tion on how to pro­ceed. And it all starts now.

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