How to wa­ter house­plants:

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1. Don’t kill your plant with kind­ness; over­wa­ter­ing is one of the num­ber one killers of house­plants.

2. Fill your wa­ter­ing can af­ter each use and let the wa­ter reach room temp be­fore you wa­ter again or use tepid wa­ter from the tap.

3. Wa­ter un­til it pours out of the drainage holes. Let it drain and then dump any ex­cess wa­ter.

4. To test soil, insert your fin­ger two inches into the dirt. If it is dry, add wa­ter. If moist, wait a few days. For plants that love wa­ter, only let the sur­face dry be­fore wa­ter­ing again.

5. Bad signs: Leaf drop or yel­low­ing leaves means you need to ei­ther ease up on the wa­ter­ing or your plant is root bound and needs to be re­pot­ted in a larger con­tainer. Wilt­ing means it needs wa­ter.

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