How to in­stall drip ir­ri­ga­tion

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There are nu­mer­ous ways to wa­ter your plants and land­scape with some be­ing more waste­ful than oth­ers. The wa­ter­ing op­tions de­pend to a great ex­tent on what you are wa­ter­ing, but drip ir­ri­ga­tion is a great op­tion for in­di­vid­ual plants or shrubs and even con­tain­ers.

Drip ir­ri­ga­tion works by al­low­ing a slow stream of wa­ter to be de­liv­ered di­rectly to the roots of a shrub, peren­nial or con­tainer plant. This avoids wast­ing wa­ter on the ground be­tween the plants or on the lawn. Set­ting up a drip ir­ri­ga­tion sys­tem is very easy, and can be com­pleted in just a short time.

Start by de­sign­ing the sys­tem to have one long hose line that trav­els through your peren­ni­als and shrubs. This is the main de­liv­ery line for the wa­ter. A sec­ondary line or two will take the wa­ter to a spe­cific group of plants. Fi­nally have smaller side shoots that take the wa­ter to the in­di­vid­ual plants.

Ev­ery time you take a side line off the main line, you need to have a junc­tion

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For a sim­pler drip ir­ri­ga­tion sys­tem that works well for a row of to­mato plants or a group of con­tain­ers, try the ir­ri­ga­tion kit that does not need con­nec­tor for the side lines, but al­lows wa­ter to exit ev­ery 6 inches along the run. This is per­fect for the veg­etable bed where plants tend to be evenly spaced and close to­gether.

When you have your sys­tem de­signed and pur­chased, you lay the main line along the length of the gar­den as per your de­sign. Cut and splice con­nec­tors for side lines as needed. When the sys­tem is placed on the gar­den space, at­tach a reg­u­lar gar­den hose to the faucet and the main drip line. Af­ter a few min­utes you can see if your plants are all re­ceiv­ing ad­e­quate wa­ter or if you de­sign needs ad­just­ing.

When you are happy with the de­liv­ery of wa­ter, an­chor the line se­curely with hooks and cover the whole sys­tem with mulch to re­duce the evap­o­ra­tion of mois­ture.

The hose can be at­tached to an au­to­matic timer so that you can for­get about wa­ter­ing all sum­mer and still get a vi­brant and healthy land­scape. In­for­ma­tion pro­vided by W. Atlee Burpee Com­pany.

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