Colour of the year: Ul­tra vi­brant ul­tra vi­o­let

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After the fresh Green­ery of 2017, gar­den­ers can get ex­cited about the bril­liant tone of this year’s Ul­tra Vi­o­let. We’re talk­ing about the colour of the year as cho­sen by Pan­tone, the colour stan­dards peo­ple.

This bril­liant colour was cho­sen for its mys­ti­cal, spir­i­tual prop­er­ties that pro­mote mind­ful­ness, en­er­gize the viewer and in­spire con­nec­tion. For gar­den­ers, there is a healthy set of choices among the ul­tra vi­o­let plants that can do all those good things for you in your gar­den this year.

• For the most stun­ning vi­o­lets, there are a num­ber of lu­mi­nes­cent morn­ing glo­ries, some with a con­trast­ing cen­tre, that will help you start off the day with fresh en­ergy.

• The hum­ble cro­cus, har­bin­ger of spring, has a morn­ing fresh ul­tra vi­o­let hue.

• Ver­bena ‘Homestead Pur­ple’ is a very strong ul­tra vi­o­let shade.

• Ox­alis ‘Sum­mer Wine’ or ‘Fran­cis’ sport lit­tle pink flow­ers that you will prob­a­bly cut to put in your pansy vase.

• Al­lium, the large flow­ered drum­sticks, skirt around the ul­tra vi­o­let tone but make just enough con­trast in form and colour to keep it in­ter­est­ing.

• Clema­tis loves her ul­tra vi­o­let dress and she has many dif­fer­ent ones. Try ‘Jack­manii’ for the al­most per­fect match.

• There is a lisianthus that has been touched by heaven. She is white with ul­tra vi­o­let kisses on the edges of her petals. This lu­mi­nes­cent flower also comes in pur­ples and blues.

• Cam­pan­ula glom­er­ata, the beau­ti­ful bully of the gar­den, will stun you with her ul­tra vi­o­let but you will have to fig­ure out how to keep her un­der con­trol.

• The beauty of Os­teosper­mum has been cor­rupted with yel­lows and or­anges, but she is at her most beau­teous when al­lowed to dis­play her vi­o­let eyes or spoon-shaped vi­o­let petals.

• Many an­nu­als glow with bril­liant ul­tra vi­o­let colours: the di­vinely scented he­liotrope, some ver­bena, petu­nias and pan­sies to name just a few. Oh, and don’t for­get pow­der puff asters or asters of all types, for that mat­ter.

• Think of the bril­liant hues of lilacs, par­tic­u­larly ‘Bail Brid­get’, which has pur­ple stems. New leaves are also vi­o­let. The flow­ers are very close to the Pan­tone colour.

• Veron­ica spi­cata comes in a heav­enly vi­o­let. Veron­ica also at­tracts honey bees.

The Colour As­so­ci­a­tion has a dif­fer­ent take for 2018: They are push­ing a pal­ette that “sug­gests a life bal­ance” and in­cludes “Va­por”, a muted blue grey with slight green tones; “Evolve”, a stony mush­room grey; “Re-Value”, a green with blue roots; and “En­joy Life”, a pale yel­low that sug­gests the early morn­ing light.

There are plenty of flow­ers, like this cro­cus, that come close to this bril­liant colour for the gar­den.

You can even find plants that of­fer bril­liant foilage, like Ox­alis 'Sum­mer Wine'.

The of­fi­cial colour of the year: Ul­tra Vi­o­let.

Above: Os­teosper­mum; Below: Pow­der puff asters.

Clema­tis 'Jack­manii'.

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