Ottawa Citizen

De facto blackout


Re: Aeroplan tightens rules on loyalty reward program, Oct. 17.

After reading that Air Canada has opened up all seats to Aeroplan members, I checked that this means no blackout periods. We booked a flight for our granddaugh­ter to join us in Fort Myers, Florida, during March break 2007 and discovered that, yes, we could book a flight but now the miles required vary not only by destinatio­n but also by the dates you wish to fly. March break it defines as peak period, and although not blacked out, requires more than double the normal miles. We were quoted 55,350 miles round trip rather than the normal 25,000 miles. True, there is no blackout, but for snowbird grandparen­ts such as us it is effectivel­y a blackout.

Air Canada is giving nothing to their loyal but retired clients — it really is catering to the jetsetting crowd and driving lessfreque­nt flyers away, as the article states.


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