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An oath for Canada


Re: Officer fights military over salute, toast to the Queen, Oct. 24.

I am sorry that Capt. Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh does not appreciate the facts of his oath as an officer in the Canadian Forces, particular­ly due to his feelings about his Irish heritage. I would suggest he read once again, very carefully, the scroll of the Queen’s commission bestowed on him.

At this very moment, there are officers and soldiers serving Canada, far from the confines of Royal Military College in Kingston, of many diverse background­s, many with no history of alignment with the British Royal Family.

These men and women have taken a common oath for Canada in all its traditions to serve its people in times of peace and war. As an aside, my brothers and I who have all served as officers and men in the Canadian Forces are first generation German- Canadians who, I might add, had no reservatio­n swearing an oath to our Queen.

I understand that he may feel uncomforta­ble about this, but perhaps he could do the honourable act of resigning his commission.

NICK TILGNER, Stittsvill­e

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