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Alzheimer’s series helps the public understand


Re: A Journey into Alzheimer’s series

Thank you for the wonderful series of articles on Alzheimer’s disease. It’s marvelous that the general public is being informed about the statistics and demographi­cs, nature and prognosis, as well as the progressiv­e nature and human face, of this debilitati­ng disease. The Citizen’s presentati­on is quite excellent.

Being in the field of dementia care, I know that many families have little knowledge of this mysterious disease, don’t know where to turn when confronted by dementia, and don’t know how to access the care system.

I am the owner and director of Richmond ( Dementia) Care Home ( RCH), the first architectu­rally designed, residentia­l- style bungalow for dementia sufferers in Eastern Ontario. RCH is officially a retirement home, but it was designed and built to specialize and care for dementia sufferers only.

RCH has been operating for six years and has an excellent reputation. It is well known by the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and was one of the first 10 facilities in Ottawa to successful­ly participat­e in the “ enhancing care” program, a self- evaluating program for a facility to assess how it is providing care to dementia sufferers compared to national care standards of the Alzheimer Society of Canada. RCH has locally pioneered the “ home- environmen­t” and “ multi- skilled workers” for dementia sufferers.

I worked in a long- term- care facility for 20 years and just retired last summer. My father had dementia and my wife, Lillian, and I built RCH to help show that people who have dementia should be in a home environmen­t rather than an institutio­nal one since current research shows that dementia sufferers fare better in a home setting than they do in a large, impersonal institutio­nal setting.

Kudos to the Citizen for an excellent series.


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