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Supply and demand


Re: Francophon­e services lacking, Oct. 21.

To answer letter- writer Claudette Lalonde’s questions: “ won’t people spend more if they feel welcomed? Isn’t it business sense?” Business sense is supply and demand. If there were a great demand, there would be a great supply. The French language continues in Canada today, to the extent it does because of huge government interferen­ce, vast amounts of funding and very cunning politics — not because of commercial necessity.

If francophon­es want the private sector to provide more and better French services in Ottawa, they need to open up shop in the private sector and provide services in French, and not simply demand service in French from anglophone and allophone businesses.

Perhaps, since so many francophon­es in the Ottawa area are employed by the federal government, there are not enough francophon­es in the private sector to provide French services.

Yet anglophone and allophone businesses are being scolded and requested to provide services in both official languages regardless of cost, hardship, will or necessity. Maybe the federal government could provide some funding, in the name of bridge- building.

C. T. KELLY, Ottawa

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