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Ineed help with a situation I’m having with my insurance company. I was in Toronto in July with my children. We were away from the car for about half an hour and when we got back, we found that it had been burglarize­d.

Although the car was parked on a busy street, someone broke the back window and took everything — my cellphones, laptop, gym bag, clothing, prescripti­on glasses, digital camera and photos. The discovery was frightenin­g and emotionall­y draining.

After contacting the police, I put a stop on my cellphone and then drove to the nearest Bell store and bought a new phone.

When I got home, I contacted Belair Direct, my insurance company, and forwarded the police report and a list of what was taken, including serial numbers.

Belair then sent a letter asking for all this informatio­n again. The policy is in my ex- husband’s name as well as mine, so he ended up taking some of the calls and doing paperwork, as I did.

We were asked to provide receipts for everything. I put together my receipts and in the meantime had my car window fixed. Most items were work- related so I had everything Belair asked for.

I provided the informatio­n and once again received a letter from Belair asking for the same info and imposing a deadline.

I called and asked for a supervisor and got a very irate man, who when I raised my voice in frustratio­n, told me off. I told him to walk in my shoes and answer the same questions over and over and see how he felt. He asked me how he would know if I was telling the truth about what was taken? I asked if he was serious.

I provided the informatio­n one last time.

I figured Belair’s goal is to ask and ask and ask until I get so frustrated I’d say forget it! When the aggravatio­n outweighs the solution, move on.

Well, I’m not about to do that. I am a single mother with four kids, work my tush off in my company, and Belair has been paid its premiums, so there is no way I am walking away.

I have let the company know how frustrated I am, and now I just want my claim paid off so I can move on. Belair forwarded a cheque for $ 1,000 so I could replace my prescripti­on glasses and digital camera. That was weeks ago and I am still waiting for the remaining money.

I am so angry and feel let down by these people. MAXINE BROWN, Carleton Place

Belair still insists that it doesn’t have those receipts.

“ Ms. Brown has been told by her adjuster ample times to submit her receipts for full replacemen­t cost. To date her adjuster is still waiting for her invoices,” said claims manager Gina Baratto.

“ As a courtesy, Belair has issued an advance cheque, but in order for her to be compensate­d, she needs to submit her invoices.

“ Unfortunat­ely, Ms. Brown and her husband are separated, and it appears there is lack of communicat­ion between the two of them. Her husband is aware of the current situation.”


When you get something in your head, it is hard to get it out. That’s what happened in Friday’s column.

A non- operating brain cell decided that a computer store needed a name change so The Trailing Edge in that column became The Leading Edge. That cell has been corrected, as has the column. I am sorry.

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