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Perpetual teenager tired of not acting her age



HOLLYWOOD • Alison Lohman figures it’s about time she stopped playing teenagers.

No kidding? What’s interestin­g is that she made this statement in the midst of media interviews for Flicka. That’s the movie in which Lohman, 27, passes herself off as Katie, 16, a rebellious ranch girl who encounters a wild mustang and sets out to tame it after naming the creature Flicka.

Mind you, she’s been getting away with not acting her age for years. She was playing Annie on stage in Palm Desert when she was 11 and continued to do the role until she was 17 in 11 further production­s. She was 23 when she filmed Matchstick Men, playing an older teen pretending to be a 14 year old. There was also her big breakthrou­gh playing Michelle Pfeiffer’s 12- year- old daughter in the 2002 White Oleander.

Now, with Flicka — a project she didn’t really want to do — in theatres, it seems she’s decided to grow up because she doesn’t think “ it would be fair” to continue playing teens.

“ I can say that I’m in touch with being 17 and I know that I can look 17 — no doubt about that. I look at 16 year olds now and they look a lot older than me — not all, obviously, but some.”

Then she confesses that part of her would like to play more teenagers but that it would depend on the role.

In the meantime, she has a more mature role in Things Lost in the Fire, which she recently made with Halle Berry and Benicio del Toro.

“ I play a recovering heroin addict of four years.”

There’s also director Robert Zemeckis’s film version of the old English poem, Beowulf, which utilizes the same performanc­e- capture techniques employed in Polar Express.

Lohman, who didn’t get around to reading the original, plays the doomed Yrsa, whom she describes as “ somebody’s mistress.”

Finally, there’s a quirky comedy called The Big White.

Clint Eastwood would have loved to have filmed Flags of Our Fathers on the actual Pacific island of Iwo Jima, the scene of the fierce battle that is his new movie’s centrepiec­e.

“ But nobody can go there without the Japanese government’s approval, and the Japanese government feels it’s a sacred shrine.”

So instead, Eastwood took his actors and crew to Iceland.

 ??  ?? Alison Lohman, 27, plays a teenager in the new film Flicka, a movie project that she really didn’t want to do.
Alison Lohman, 27, plays a teenager in the new film Flicka, a movie project that she really didn’t want to do.

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