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Three injured when power boats collide on Rideau


A head-on collision between two power boats travelling on the Rideau River sent three people to hospital yesterday afternoon with minor injuries.

Paramedics said the collision happened around 4:30 p.m, near Prince of Wales Drive and Merivale Road.

Police don’t yet know how fast the boats, both approximat­ely five metres long, were travelling, or if anyone was at fault.

One boat, red and white, carried three people, all of whom were injured. Two were taken to the General campus of the Ottawa Hospital. The other, a youth, was taken to CHEO.

“On the red boat, it looks like head injuries, face injuries. It’s one young male, and (there are) cuts and bruises to a male and female. It could be the mother and the father,” said Sgt. Calvin Goble.

The other boat, grey and white, carried eight or nine people according to police. The boat was also pulling someone on a wakeboard.

“It was a freak accident out on the water. We’re all a little shook up right now,” said Brian Hogan, a passenger on the grey and white boat.

After the accident, the boats were docked across the river, the red and white boat partially submerged.

Police said the part of the river where the collision occurred sometimes gets busy during weekends, but accidents are very rare.

The marine unit of the Ottawa police is investigat­ing the accident.

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