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Using electronic records of 2.3 million citations issued since 2000, the Citizen explores the urban phenomena of parking tickets and how, where and why they're issued in Ottawa. YESTERDAY: He’s the Green Hornet who hands out more tickets than any parking officer. If you've ever been tagged with a ticket off Elgin Street, there's a good chance his name is on it. TODAY: Are Ottawa’s parking enforcemen­t officials unfairly targeting hospital visitors? MONDAY: It's the Venus fly-trap of Ottawa parking. At meter number 527, more tickets are issued than anywhere in the city. TUESDAY: “I was only gone two minutes.” A day in parking court shows which excuses work if you decide to fight a ticket. WEDNESDAY: The most expensive parking tickets in Ottawa are now being handed out by a private security company, and they’re getting paid for every one they issue. THURSDAY: Parking violations are good business for the city, but are they helping make it too hard to park in Ottawa, compared to other cities? Read the full series at


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