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The Big Read: At times whimsical, at others nostalgic, much of this month’s issue of Cottage Life leans to the practical with more than you might ever want to know about septic systems (the inspection of which is becoming increasing­ly mandatory in many areas). Also in this issue are tips on making your cottage universall­y accessible to those with disabiliti­es (which may, if it doesn’t already, one day include yourself), as well as a guide to dealing with the behemoth Ontario Municipal Board. Inside: A profile of Algonquin Park cottager Mary Sharpe, a practising midwife and sexagenari­an whose favourite pastime is "swim tripping," essentiall­y using swimming as the means to go on longish excursions. Also a look at one family’s dream cottage on Lac Tremblant, near to the "Disneyland North" resort of Mont Tremblant. Plus: On the lighter how-to side, a look at decorative painting and stenciling for wooden cottage floors; building your own flagpole; and a very comprehens­ive guide to the most egalitaria­n of cottage meals, the barbecue-cooked hamburger.

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