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The Big Read: In a story that’s becoming too common, author Jeff Gordinier tells of 27-year-old Robert Daniels, who was diagnosed last year with a rare form of tuberculos­is and for months has been confined to a solitary room in the Maricapa Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. At issue here is the fine line between Daniels’ rights — he hasn’t been charged with anything — and the public’s safety. When left to his own recognizan­ce in the past, Daniels had been somewhat reckless about certain safety precaution­s demanded of him, such as wearing a mask in public. Inside: Apparently, we men haven’t been shaving properly, and Details, in perhaps this issue’s second-longest article, attempts to rectify that. Plus: Lots of short pieces on numerous topics: a letter urging Prince William to sow some wild oats before he has to settle down; an interview with Hostel II director Eli Roth, and another with Transforme­r director Michael Bay; an essay suggesting that not all gay men are stylish; another on the merits of masturbati­ng at work; and the dos and don’ts of dating a divorcée.

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