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The Big Read: In a series of 11 articles that may leave readers feeling they’ve just spent a long time shooting trout in a barrel, Harper’s has assembled experts in various fields — including law, the environmen­t, civil service, science, the economy, the military, intelligen­ce, diplomacy and something called ‘national character’ — and asked each to write an essay on how to repair whatever damage U.S. President George W. Bush has done to each. No matter how you feel about the man and his policies, these 18 pages of largely unbroken text will leave you exhausted and ready to move away from this particular soap-box for a while. Inside: Sallie Tisdale, a nurse with the 5-K unit at the Providence Portland Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, writes about her experience­s there in an article that, despite lots of hard informatio­n about cancers, treatments and side-effects, is powerful, elegiac and hopeful. Plus: Elegiac also describes Edward Hoagland’s Endgame, his lengthy pastoral essay about the changes, chiefly to the wildlife but also to itinerant residents, he’s noticed around his northern Vermont home.

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