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FRONTENAC ARCH SHIELD FARMS Rolling, heavily forested landscape with lakes, swamps, bogs, rock ridges and barrens. Small pockets of productive farmland. Abandoned fields and vacant dairy barns, stone houses, old farmhouses. THE THOUSAND ISLANDS The southernmo­st extension of the Canadian Shield, site of internatio­nal shipping, seasonal dwellings, tourism (including more than 200 shipwrecks), protected park areas and farming. LAKE COUNTRY Lakes, mainly in the Precambria­n Shield and along the Rideau River, provide seasonal homes and places for summer recreation. Alfred Bog, Mer Bleue, Larose Forest

The Alfred Bog covers 4,200 hectares and features a large number of rare species of plants and ani- mals.

Mer Bleue has flora typical of wetlands found further north in the boreal forest. The bog is unique in that it is a remnant of what existed in this area after the last ice age.

The Larose Forest is the second largest man-made forest in North America. It has white and red pine, original wooded areas and wetlands. It is home to a significan­t moose herd.

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