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Smaller trash cans better for streets, councillor says


Ottawa’s streets need a better trash can, says Capital Councillor Clive Doucet.

Thursday morning, Mr. Doucet unveiled a garbage and recycling bin that’s about half the size of the current bins that are located in some parts of the city.

Mr. Doucet says the existing garbage and recycling bins, which are paid for with money raised through advertisin­g revenue, are unattracti­ve and far too large, crowding out pedestrian­s on sidewalks. Business owners and residents don’t want them in their neighbour- hoods, so some streets have no garbage bins at all.

Mr. Doucet says that to place modest-sized trash and recycling bins throughout the city might cost $2 million, but the cost would be small compared with the many multimilli­on-dollar city projects to build new intersecti­ons and widen roads.

The contract for providing garbage containers to the city expires in 2010. Mr. Doucet hopes citizens will pressure the city to go with the smaller containers, which have only small spaces for advertisin­g or community news.

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