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U.S. video game sales up 37% to $1.12B in May


U.S. sales of SAN FRANCISCO • video game hardware and software were $1.12 billion in May, up 37 per cent from a year earlier, with Take-Two Interactiv­e Software Corp.’s Grand Theft Auto 4 the bestsellin­g title for the month, according to market researcher NPD.

GTA 4 is already the top-selling game title so far this year following its April launch, racking up sales of 4.2 million units. Sales of the game for both the Xbox 360 and Sony Corp.’s PlayStatio­n 3 consoles totalled 1.31 million units in May.

During the month, Nintendo Co. Ltd. sold 675,000 Wiis, Sony Corp sold 209,000 PlayStatio­n 3 machines and Microsoft Corp sold 187,000 Xbox 360 consoles.

Both Microsoft and Sony have said sales of GTA 4 would likely translate into a surge of consoles sales, but the numbers for May didn’t bear out that notion.

“The continued success of GTA 4 is not translatin­g into big hardware sales for either the PS3 or the 360, but there may yet be a lift in June due to gift giving for Father’s Day and graduation­s,” NPD analyst Anita Frazier said in the report.

To date, the U.S. video games industry has generated $6.6 billion in sales, topping total 2007 annual revenue, NPD said. It noted that the industry is on pace to see revenue in the $21 billion to $23 billion range in 2008.

The Wii from Nintendo and Nintendo’s DS have garnered the top two spots in hardware sales for the fourth consecutiv­e month, NPD said.

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