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Google profit to get boost from Yahoo deal

Merrill analyst sees 15-cent-a-share gain


agreement off after 10 months

and said they could reach $719 if it generates less than $83.3 in a year.

Interactiv­e Media, which inmillion from Yahoo over a fourMicros­oft dropped a $47.5 bil-

cludes MySpace. Last month, Google’s share of the U.S. month period, Yahoo said tolion offer for Yahoo on May 3

researcher EMarketer said search market has grown to day in a regulatory filing. after Yahoo called the bid too

MySpace may have lowerGoogl­e Inc. will get a more than 60 per cent as Yahoo Google handled almost twolow. The software maker then

than-predicted sales this year NEW YORK • profit boost of 15 cents a share has lost customers and personthir­ds of U.S. search queries in initiated talks on an alternate

because of the slowing econonext year from the advertisin­g my. nel. April, according to Reston, Vir-

transactio­n, which proved agreement struck with Yahoo! That position will strengthen ginia-based research firm fruitless.

MySpace said “a major adverInc. Thursday, according to with yesterday’s agreement, ComScore Inc. That’s more Meanwhile, Reuters reported

tiser” agreed to take over the Merrill Lynch & Co. Mr. Post wrote. Yahoo, which is than twice the share of Yahoo. that Microsoft Corp. launched

site’s homepage on the first day Yahoo agreed to let Google using the deal to fend off MiBefore yesterday, Mr. Post’s an e-mail campaign yesterday

of the new redesign. sell some of the ads it runs crosoft, won’t benefit from the 2009 earnings estimate for to oppose the Yahoo-Google

The latest MySpaceTV playalongs­ide Internet search redeal. Citing a source close to arrangemen­t over the long Google was $24 a share. Ana-

er will offer a new advertisin­g sults, seeking to shore up sales the company, Reuters said Miterm, he wrote. lysts expect the company to

platform for multiple ad proafter ending talks about a comcrosoft was claiming the deal Yahoo will receive a percentear­n $24.64 a share in 2009, ac-

viders and formats. The player bination with Microsoft Corp. age of the revenue Google gets cording to the average estimate would “limit choices for adver-

also includes more comprehenA­dvertisers will probably shift through the arrangemen­t, dein a Bloomberg survey. tisers and publishers” and “de-

sive video sharing tools and a spending to Google from Yapending on the amount of sales Mr. Post cut his 12-month stroy a competitiv­e alterna-

wider range of language choichoo, Merrill analyst Justin Post generated. Yahoo said the deal price target for Yahoo shares to tive.”

es, the company said. wrote in a note to clients yesmay add $800 million to annual

$25 from $29. He advises interday. sales. Google can call the

vestors to buy shares of Google

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