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Now that the Ontario government says it’s OK to let it all hang out, why are you waiting to do it? Outdoor clotheslin­es help save the environmen­t, reduce utility bills and are kinder to your clothes than dryers. And there’s something about hanging clothes against a blue sky dotted with white clouds that makes time slow down. 1. SPACE SAVER:

We found WallFix Dryer, a “one-handed operation” wall-mounted clotheslin­e from Brabantia (distribute­d by Danica), which unfolds something like an upended umbrella and has the capacity to handle a full washload. Designed to be attached to brick, concrete or solid wood surfaces, it folds tight against the wall and comes with a protective, weather-resistant cover to keep the lines dry and clean when not in use. Fasteners are not included. It costs $169.99 at Canadian Tire. See Brabantia’s demonstrat­ion video and TV commercial video at www. 2. CLOTHESLIN­E IN A BOX:

This handy kit from the Strata line includes one 45-metre steel-core, PVC-coated clotheslin­e, two metal pulleys, one metal mini winch, one plastic spacer and two metal hooks. The kit comes in heavy-duty ($29.99) or mediumduty size ($24.99) at Home Hardware stores. Pieces can also be purchased separately at most hardware stores. 3. FOLDING FRAMES:

Trust Australian­s to come up with good ideas for drying clothes outdoors. Hills Industries Ltd. ( has a number of mounted folding frame clotheslin­es. Home Hardware stores can order in most models. Capital Home Hardware, 736 Bank St., has in stock a 2.23-metre by 1.6metre glide-lift frame that holds 21.4 metres of drying space, enough for a family of four. $79.99.

A little striped number with matching lavender blue clothespin­s. The bag, $4.99, and clothespin­s, $2.99 for a package of 48, are available at Canadian Tire. 5. CONFIDENCE INSPIRING:

Isn’t it comforting to know that Strata clotheslin­e products and accessorie­s, such as this indoor/outdoor reel clotheslin­e ($19.99, Home Hardware), come from BenMor, a company in StHyacinth­e, Que., that makes, among other industrial needs, heavy-duty cables for the aerospace industry? You can view a complete online catalogue of Strata clotheslin­es and accessorie­s under the retail division at 6. SQUEAKY GREEN:

Bamboo clothespin­s by Natura have arrived at Home Hardware stores. Pick them up for $1.99 for a package of 24. 7. LOGO LAUNDRESS:

Tide ( has come out with its own line of clothes pins, Tide Smart Clip, with rubberized surfaces and impressive springs that give a gentle touch to your most delicate fabrics. They are $4.77 for a package of nine at Zellers. 8. PEG YOUR STYLE:

This shiny black clothespin bag with a white mesh overlay proves that carrying bags are becoming the fashion accessorie­s of the laundry set. Team it up with slender lime plastic pegs. The bag is $3.99 at Home Hardware. Clothespin­s, $3.99 for a package of 24 at Canadian Tire. 9. HANGING AROUND:

This brightly coloured tin hook with its old-time advertisin­g will add a touch of nostalgia and convenienc­e to your laundry duties. It’s $5.25 at Glebe Emporium, 724 Bank St.

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