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1. BODÉ SPA 17 Marlboroug­h Ave., Suite 100; 613-5652633; What’s available:

Bodé offers a full range of spa treatments geared to men, including body scrubs, massages and waxing. Hair-free backs, chests and butts are among the most common requests, but staff won’t blush if a guy wants a partial Brazilian. Why it’s great:

Aside from its tranquil location in the basement of a beautiful heritage house, Bodé also boasts a knowledgea­ble staff who emphasize the importance of after-care in order to avoid nasty break-outs or irritation. Bodé also uses high-quality waxes in order to make the experience as pain-free as possible. Prices:

Back (including neck and shoulders), $45; chest, $35 to $45; bikini (brief or butt), $35 to $45; eyebrow shaping, $18. 2. EZCAPE SPA AND SALON 900 Walters Rd., Orléans; 613-841-8400; What’s available:

In addition to the sports pedicure and the gentlemen’s facial, Ezcape offers a range of waxing services, including backs, chests and abdomens, arms and underarms and legs. It also has laser hair removal and electrolys­is. Why it’s great:

Located outside the downtown core in the eastern part of the city, Ezcape lives up to its name. Clients will find the earth-tone decor calming and the staff, including a dozen estheti- cians, friendly and open-minded. The spa also has two rooms designed for couples, so men can bring a special friend. Prices:

Back and shoulders, $53; chest and abdomen, $38; legs, $53. 3. MALIBU SPA 181 rue Principale, Gatineau; 819-6826252; What’s available:

Massages and facials might be the most popular choices for Malibu’s male clientele, but the spa also offers an array of grooming options, including waxing, laser hair removal and electrolys­is. Eyebrows, backs and chests are the most common requests. Why it’s great:

Tucked inside the Aylmer Mall, the Malibu offers clients a relaxed, serene atmosphere. It has a range of spa packages available, including a Father’s Day special that comes complete with a tasty lunch. Prices:

Back, $20-30; shoulders, $15; chest, $20-30; ears, $10. 4. THE SPA KANATA DAY RETREAT 26 Castlefran­k Rd., Kanata; 613-8365913; thespadayr­ What’s available:

The Spa Day Retreat is not far from Scotiabank Place and is the spa of choice for several Ottawa Senators players (and their wives). A gearedto-men foot treatment is popular among the largely profession­al male clientele, but the spa also offers a grooming hattrick: waxing, sugaring and laser hair removal. Why it’s great:

Located in a former farmhouse, the award-winning Spa Day Retreat is the largest spa in Eastern Ontario. It hosts large corporate parties, but aims to appeal to all with the grand scale of its 19th-century architectu­re and relaxed atmosphere. Prices:

Back (including shoulders), from $40; chest, from $30; eyebrows, from $17. 5. THIRD AVENUE SPA 784 Bank St.; 613-235-7722; thirdavenu­ What’s available:

The staff at Third Avenue Spa in the heart of the Glebe have noticed an increase in male clients over the past couple of years, so no need to be shy, guys. Not surprising, backs and chests are the most common requests, but some of the spa’s more athletical­ly inclined clientele also want their legs and underarms waxed. Why it’s great:

Third Avenue Spa uses Aveda products, which are made from organic plant and flower extracts and lend the spa a fresh and inviting aroma. Third Avenue also has a cappuccino bar and other drinks available to clients. Prices:

Back and shoulders, $50; chest, from $35; underarms; $20; eyebrow tweeze; $23. FIVE GREAT PLACES aims to highlight great shops across the capital that offer products or services along a similar theme. If you have suggestion for Five Great Places, please e-mail us at


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