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Chloe ★★★ 18A

Amanda Seyfried conjures a haunting performanc­e as a young prostitute enlisted to help a married woman unveil her husband’s infidelity. Seyfried’s presence is mesmerizin­g in itself, but coupled with director Atom Egoyan’s signature off-kilter style and deep appreciati­on for subtext, the movie hits a sustained eerie note. Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson also star. ( Katherine Monk) By Towne Cinema through April 1; SilverCity

Cooking with Stella ★★★ PG

Don McKellar, Lisa Ray and Seema Biswas star in this movie about a diplomatic Canadian couple in Delhi who have a strange relationsh­ip with their new cook and servant. Part foodie movie, part meditation on social justice, this debut feature from Dilip Mehta looks good and features solid performanc­es, but it may not satisfy your deepest hunger for meaning. (Katherine Monk) By Towne Cinema, through April 8

How to Train Your Dragon ★★★ 1⁄ 2 PG

It’s a dependable formula and familiar plot pool as a young man seeking male approval befriends a beast that could kill him, or make him a hero. Despite the déjà-vu narrative and the fact that all the Vikings in this 3-D animated piece speak in a Scottish accent, the directors generate enough humour and emotion to make the ride memorable. (Katherine Monk). AMC Kanata, Barrhaven, Coliseum, Empire Orleans, Rideau Centre, SilverCity, South Keys, StarCité

Hot Tub Time Machine ★★★ 1⁄2 18A

A vulgar, coarse and sometimes very funny buddy comedy about three guys who go back in time to the 1980s to encounter what went wrong with their lives. It’s like an Rrated Back to the Future, although with less concern about the science. Amid the childishne­ss, John Cusack adds a note of adult melancholy. AMC Kanata, Barrhaven, Coliseum, Empire 7, Empire Orleans, SilverCity, South Keys, StarCité

Metropolit­an Opera: Hamlet

Saturday at 1 p.m., presented live from New York by satellite, a performanc­e of Ambroise Thomas’s opera, starring Simon Keenlyside and Marlis Petersen. Coliseum, SilverCity, South Keys

The Red Baron ★ 1⁄2

An English-language German production with dialogue is so wooden you could use it as an aircraft propeller. But what causes The Red Baron to crash and burn is the damp story. Aerial sequences, in which flocks of computer-generated Sopwiths and Vickers duke it out with Fokkers and Albatrosse­s, are exciting as long as they remain in wide shot. Close-ups are less convincing. (Chris Knight). Mayfair Theatre, Saturday to Monday

The Wizard of Oz (sing-along)

Saturday at 2 p.m., the Ottawa Family Cinema presents the classic 1939 musical starring Judy Garland. This version of the film encourages audience members to sing along with Dorothy and her friends. Informatio­n: www.familycine­ Notre Dame auditorium

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