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By Towne Cinema

325 Rideau St. Today-Saturday: The Last Station; Today to April 8: Cooking with Stella; Chloe; Sunday-Monday: Nowhere in Africa; Tuesday: Fortress; Wednesday-Thursday: An Education.

Mayfair Theatre

1074 Bank St. Today-Saturday: Night of the Living Dead Live; Today: The Frightener­s; Saturday: The Spy Next Door; The Legend of the Drunken Master; Battle Creek Brawl; Saturday to Monday: The Red Baron; Sunday: Up; The Spy Next Door; Twin Dragons; Daybreaker­s; Monday: Daybreaker­s; Tuesday: The Legend of the Drunken Master; Twin Dragons; Wednesday-Thursday: Youth in Revolt; Machotaild­rop; www.mayfairthe­

Canadian Film Institute

Screenings at Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington St. Through April 1: Latin American Film Festival.

Ottawa Family Cinema

Screenings at Notre Dame auditorium, 170 Broadview Ave. Today, 7 p.m.: Dear John; Saturday, 2 p.m.: The Wizard of Oz. www.familycine­

Rainbow Cinemas

St. Laurent Shopping Centre. Slapshot and Happy Gilmour; The Blind Side; The Spy Next Door; Alvin and the Chipmunks 2; Sherlock Holmes; The Princess and the Frog; The Hurt Locker; Leap Year; Valentine’s Day; Precious; Cop Out.


U2 3D; Sharks 3D. www.civilizati­

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