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Lightfoot rewrites Wreck


Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot is changing the lyrics to The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald to reflect new historical evidence. The song, about the mysterious sinking of a U.S. freighter in 1975 on Lake Superior, contains a line (“at 7 p.m. the main hatchway gave in”) suggesting the crew was to blame for the tragedy by not securing the ship’s hatches. However, researcher­s producing a TV documentar­y by yap films say they’ve uncovered evidence that exonerates the vessel’s crew. In a statement, Lightfoot said he’s grateful to yap for “putting together compelling evidence that the tragedy was not a result of crew error.” He is expected to sing the altered version of the song in future live performanc­es. The documentar­y airs March 31 on History Television as part of a new show called The Dive Detectives.

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