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West switched to the di­a­mond king and re­ceived a third round ruff. The re­turn of a top heart pro­moted a trump win­ner for part­ner and the con­tract was down two, NS -100.

South’s ad­vance to three spades was the di­rect cause of reach­ing a hope­less game. North ob­vi­ously ex­pected a much stronger hand and rea­son­ably ad­vanced to the ma­jor suit game. South should pass three hearts since he has opened with 11 HCP and a sin­gle­ton queen of clubs. What ac­tion will North take? He could choose be­tween four clubs, a spade pref­er­ence, dou­ble or pass. He will re­ject a dou­ble with a sin­gle­ton heart but pass is out of the ques­tion since part­ner opened the bid­ding. Clubs could be an abysmal con­tract op­po­site short­ness and we can sur­mise that he will try three spades an ac­tion that will end the auc­tion.

North will cash three clubs ver­sus a heart con­tract and shift to the jack of spades. South will con­tinue with a third round of spades giv­ing West a prob­lem. On this lay­out he must ruff high and sub­se­quently drop the sin­gle­ton queen of hearts to avoid the loss of six tricks. We can sur­mise that West is un­likely to find the win­ning play. The good news is that West would not be per­mit­ted to play at the three-level and en­ter­tained no thoughts of an ad­vance to game.

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