Not all plan pro­pos­als con­tentious

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The many pro­pos­als for Ot­tawa’s new of­fi­cial plan do in­clude plenty of fairly un­con­tro­ver­sial things, too.

The city’s been work­ing on high-den­sity plans for the ar­eas around the Tran­sit­way sta­tions due to be con­verted to light rail, and in­tends to ex­tend the work to sta­tions at Pinecrest, South Keys and River­side South’s core, so the city’s ready when de­vel­op­ers come knock­ing. It wants to des­ig­nate new main streets along sec­tions of Ogilvie, Innes and Walk­ley roads and St. Lau­rent Boule­vard.

Traf­fic engi­neers have long rated streets by how good a job they do car­ry­ing all the cars whose drivers want to use them: low-rated streets get pri­or­ity for widenings and other “im­prove­ments” to move cars faster. The city wants to add rat­ings for walk­a­bil­ity and bike­abil­ity, and set max­i­mum sizes for in­ter­sec­tions so they don’t be­come pedes­trian-hos­tile be­he­moths.

Also for cy­clists, the plan is to keep work­ing on link­ing up ex­ist­ing bike lanes and paths to cre­ate a more in­te­grated sys­tem, and ex­tend routes to big em­ploy­ers and in­sti­tu­tions out­side down­town. The city also hopes to come up with a net­work of win­ter bike routes, lanes and streets that will be re­li­ably plowed and see con­sis­tent use, rather than the semi-random treat­ment most bike lanes get from road crews now.

In ru­ral Ot­tawa, the city wants to keep vil­lages from sprawl­ing. It hopes to di­rect most devel­op­ment to the three largest vil­lages (Rich­mond, Man­otick and Greely) and kit them out with more com­mu­nity and so­cial ser­vices.

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