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Lighthouse Lemonade royally refreshing


What: Lighthouse Lemonade, a concentrat­e that you mix with water. Why: It makes possibly the best lemonade on the planet. Full of lemony flavour but less sweet than many fruit juices, it’s so royally refreshing, it was even served to Will and Kate when they visited Rideau Hall. The backstory: “We know it was a cherished drink of our greatgrand­mother Aravess, a spirited sea captain’s daughter,” says Jill Fisher, whose New Brunswick family has been making the lemonade recipe for centuries. “Vessie often used her shipping trade connection­s to ensure a steady supply of lemons during the late 1800s.” Fisher, a graduate of the Stratford Chefs School, started selling the lemonade about five years ago at farmers’ markets in the Guelph area, where she lives. Now it’s sold at about 25 stores, mostly in Ontario and even including the Art Gallery of Ontario. “It’s all been word of mouth, with family and friends doing the deliveries,” says Fisher. How to use it: Generally, it’s recommende­d that you mix it with water: eight parts water to one part concentrat­e, over ice. But Brazeau, of 3 Sisters, says she likes to add just a splash to flavour plain drinking water (many also recommend this for kids’ water bottles). Jennifer Heagle, of the Red Apron, adds that it’s also great with vodka. Fisher adds half an ounce to gin and tonics and also likes it with soda water. How much: Retails for $14 to $18 per bottle, with one bottle making seven litres of lemonade. Where to get it: The Red Apron, 564 Gladstone Ave.3 Sisters Bakeshop, 1791 Kilborn Ave. “I sell it by the case - it’s unbelievab­le,” says Rosemary Brazeau, one of the three sisters.In Almonte, at Peches & Poivre. The Ministry of Coffee, 279 Elgin St., sells it ready-to-drink, $3.50 a glass. More:

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