Fo­cus will be on the but­ton

Ottawa Citizen - - WINTER OLYMPICS -


They do things a lit­tle dif­fer­ently at the Olympics when it comes to de­ter­min­ing which team gets the ham­mer in the first end.

In Canadian events and on the Grand Slam tour the draw-to-the-but­ton com­pe­ti­tion to de­ter­mine last rock is sim­pler. One player from each team shoots, both on the same side of the ice, and the team with the clos­est rock to the but­ton gets ham­mer.

The dis­tances are also mea­sured cu­mu­la­tively and can come into play for break­ing ties at the end of the round robin.

At this event, two play­ers from each team throw draws, one clock­wise and one counter-clock­wise.

“You re­ally have dou­ble the draws to the but­ton,” says Canadian skip Kevin Koe. “It’s the two rocks com­bined vs. the other team’s two rocks com­bined.

“That’s some­thing we never do back home, but we did have to do at the worlds in Switzer­land a cou­ple of years ago.

“We’re pretty good at the draw to the but­ton and I think it works in our favour now that you have to have two peo­ple do­ing it and they both count.”

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