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Let’s support victims of domestic violence


Re: Guilty but also a victim, Aug. 18.

Thank you for this article by Aedan Helmer, which spoke to the issue of emotional abuse as a form of domestic violence. I am certain the topic will resonate with many.

The use of surveillan­ce equipment to capture one’s victim at a moment of weakness, to only later use it as a form of blackmail, is reprehensi­ble. It is a form of stalking that, in my view, is addressed by the Criminal Code as a form of Criminal Harassment.

According to your article, this victim is “currently in the midst of family court proceeding­s.” It could be helpful if she were aware that there are remedies for victims of domestic violence within Family Court. Kiska v. Moore, 2017 ONSC 6872, viewable at, provides case law that one could review and possibly utilize. Also, though I am not a lawyer, it is my understand­ing that damages awarded could be deemed as spousal and/ or child support, which could survive a strategic bankruptcy claim by a spouse.

My heart goes out to this woman and all other victims of domestic violence.

Deirdre Moore, Ottawa

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