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Carolyn Jane Borer

Ottawa Magazine - - NEWS - By Sarah Brown

CAROLYN JANE BORER, owner of Roll Her Sleeves Paint­ing, has seen her share of trends in the 10 years since she started her busi­ness. Wall­pa­per en­tered the scene four years ago when she worked on the set of the Jen­nifer Lawrence thriller House at the End of the Street. Now, with the re­nais­sance of wall­pa­per, it’s a skill that’s in­creas­ingly in de­mand.

Are flo­ral wall­pa­pers pop­u­lar right now? Flo­rals are def­i­nitely in. For all of us en­dur­ing six months of win­ter each year, bright flo­rals can help keep us pos­i­tive. What are your thoughts on putting wall­pa­per on just one wall? Well, it’s def­i­nitely cheaper! But, se­ri­ously, wall­pa­per on one wall can also make a nice state­ment. What about wall­pa­per for small spa­ces? I like wall­pa­per in small spa­ces. For ex­am­ple, if you put wall­pa­per through­out a whole pow­der room, it can look re­ally great. It takes a lot of time to do be­cause of ev­ery­thing you have to cut around, but the end re­sult is worth it. Do you al­ways rec­om­mend hir­ing a pro to hang wall­pa­per? Let’s just say I think it takes a very handy and op­ti­mistic per­son to at­tempt to hang wall­pa­per. Any tips for the DIYer? I would rec­om­mend a pre-pasted pa­per. It’s eas­ier to in­stall, and you don’t need an ex­tra set of hands to help cut and match up the pat­tern. Does wall art hin­der or help when it comes to re­sale? You fall in love with the bones of a house, not the cur­rent paint colours or wall­pa­pers. A few ac­cent wall­pa­per walls aren’t a de­ter­rent for sell­ing. We’ve seen a lot of vinyl mu­rals lately. Would you rec­om­mend these for a quick sum­mery facelift? I have in­stalled vinyl wall mu­rals, but I gen­er­ally don’t rec­om­mend them. The qual­ity varies a lot. Is it easy to re­move a vinyl mu­ral if you get bored? It is fairly easy to pull off, but it’s very sticky so it can tear old paint and dry­wall, leav­ing you with a big re­pair job. How about wall­pa­per? As­sum­ing the wall was prop­erly primed, mod­ern wall­pa­pers come off in­cred­i­bly eas­ily. We al­ways rec­om­mend us­ing a steamer. What can peo­ple do with left­over wall­pa­per? I of­ten work with Sacha and Melissa Le­clair of Le­clair Decor. Some­times they will take left­over wall­pa­per pieces and have them framed to hang on the wall. It’s a very cute way to use the left­overs, and it looks great! Do you ever tell clients they’re mak­ing a mis­take? I do. If the client has bought a wall­pa­per that I know isn’t of good qual­ity, I’ll tell them. I know that the seams might pop, so I want them to know that up front. Hon­esty is al­ways the best way to go.

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