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- You can learn more about this new developmen­t at www.LepineApar­ or by calling Francesca Lépine at 513.553.2406

AN INTERESTIN­G NEW TREND has found its footing in the Ottawa real estate market. Much of the demand for luxury condos has been soaked up by new high-quality rentals that allow baby boomers to enjoy the equity they have built up while simplifyin­g their lifestyles. Lépine has establishe­d itself at the forefront of the new purpose-built apartment industry. After several years as empty nesters, Vanier couple Megan and Robert found themselves shopping for a new home. Like many folks, they looked to condos for the answer. However, they soon realized that while condos may offer a desirable lifestyle, they often come with fluctuatin­g condo fees, property taxes, and maintenanc­e assessment fees. “We decided it wasn’t wise to tie up our nest egg in the condo real estate market at this time.’’ After comparing condos around the city, they came across an award-winning rental developmen­t by Lépine. “We found their floor plans spacious and beautifull­y designed with quality in mind. We needed two bedrooms plus a den for when our kids and grandkids come over. We also wanted outdoor space and a place with lots of cupboard storage. We were ecstatic to find out that Lépine was building in our neighbourh­ood along the Vanier Parkway!’’ Megan and Robert were determined to abide by the financial principles that got them to where they are today. “We wanted this move to last us for the next ten years. The ability to fix our rental-increase rates with Lépine for up to ten years is amazing. We know exactly what our housing costs will be for the next decade! With our move-in date scheduled in 2018, we feel in control and can sell our home at our own pace.’’ Lépine is an Ottawa-based family business, which was one of the endearing qualities that drew this couple to sign a ten-year lease at Les Terrasses Francesca. “We enjoy the comfort of knowing we have a real relationsh­ip with our landlords.’’ Les Terrasses Francesca apartment homes are under constructi­on and available for lease reservatio­ns, with various suite layouts ranging from 825 1725 square feet. They are designed to accommodat­e the financial and lifestyle requiremen­ts of today’s discerning baby boomers.

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