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Bucket List

How Ottawan are You? At the end of 2017, check ‘em off and see how you did! 1-10: New to Ottawa? Welcome! 11-30: You’re an official Ottawan 31-35: You should start a tour business! 36 or more: You’re now the mayor


Where the Robots Are

Experience jaw-dropping (and free) performanc­es when La Machine’s mechanical creatures roam the city (July 27-30)

See the Curtain Rise

Take in a show at the renovated National Arts Centre. Canada Scene (June and July) sets the stage for a new era of artistic excellence

Go Undergroun­d

Make time for Kontinuum, an immersive multimedia experience in one of Ottawa’s future Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations

Visit Rideau Hall

Take at tour of Rideau Hall — don’t miss the Tent Room (p. 43)

Dine with Justin

Eat at one of Trudeau’s favourite restaurant­s. North & Navy, Fairouz, Fraser Cafe, Fauna, and The Pomeroy House are among the PM’s go-to spots. (Spot him with Sophie, Xavier, Ella-Grace, and Hadrien at Bobby’s Table or Ola Cocina.)

Sip a Cuppa

Experience high tea at the Château Laurier

Sit Under a Tree

Pose for a pic at the Arboretum. (Bonus point if it’s on the footbridge — straight out of a Monet painting!)

The High Life

Enjoy gourmet food and drinks in the Sky Lounge (July 14-20)

Provincial Picnic

Bring your basket and blanket for an Interprovi­ncial Picnic on the Bridge (July 2). The event is sold out, but watching the spectacle from shore will also be quite a sight!

Eat Out

Explore Ottawa’s ethnic food scene. For starters, eat baozi at Jadeland

Chasing Waterfalls

Visit Hog’s Back Falls. (Bonus point if you spot its resident heron)

Meet Teddy

See the Teddy bear that came back from the frontlines at the Canadian War Museum

Country Charm

Cultivate your social life at Agri 150 — these unique outdoor, rural events will include wine and eco tours

History of Hops

Take a historical tour of local microbrewe­ries: start with Beau’s, proceed to Beyond the Pale and Kichesippi, and finish with newcomer Stray Dog

Get Lucky

See Lucky Ron at Ottawa’s oldest drinking establishm­ent, the Château Lafayette

Worldwide Wonders

Be diplomatic at the 2017 Internatio­nal

Pavilion. The new building at 7 Clarence St., open until December, welcomes 12 diplomatic missions

Front-Row Fireworks

Watch the Canada Day fireworks from the Laurier Bridge

Selfie with Justin

Be photobombe­d by the prime minister

Give Peace A Chance

Go to the top of the Peace Tower. (Bonus point if the PM photobombs you here.)

Pink Lake

Hike the trails at Pink Lake. (Bonus point if you hear a tourist complain that it’s not pink)

Question Period

Sit through Question Period; stay awake

Meet the Mayor

Watch Mayor Jim Watson cut a ribbon. (Various locations, all summer long!)

Do the Dow

Paddle across Dow’s Lake

Democracy Watch

Look for politician­s along Sparks Street. Congratula­te them for sticking around over summer break

Beach Bliss

Instagram yourself at an Ottawa beach and let your friends guess where you went on vacation

Spirited Away

Feel the chill of Patrick Whelan’s ghost at the old downtown jail-turned-hostel

Play God

Sit next to Adam and Eve; give ‘em heck for eating that apple (hint: see page 47)

Cattle Call

Line up for a chance to pet the animals (and smell manure) at the Canada Agricultur­e and Food Museum

Cheer the Redblacks

Check out the defending Grey Cup champions

Be Inspired

Inspiratio­n Village: This ByWard Market site will host live performanc­es from each Canadian province and territory

Be Surprised

Experience Ignite 150, a series of 17 epic stunts in surprising and unusual locations

Pass the Pasta

Enjoy some of the city’s best lasagna at one of its oldest restaurant­s (and best kept secrets), Il Vagabondo

Travel the Canal

Kayak, bike, or skate the Rideau Canal. (But don’t swim; city bylaw prohibits swimming in the canal)

Pavilion Party

Ottawa Welcomes the World at the Aberdeen Pavilion and Horticultu­re Building. Take in the celebratio­ns of over 25 different participat­ing countries (ongoing until November)

Wabano Centre

Stand under the majestic medicine wheel at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

Have Your Pie

Eat a slice of Banoffee Pie, one of Ottawa’s signature dishes. It’s almost like birthday cake. Happy 150th Canada!

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