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Sarah Brown on the best things between sliced bread


The Furlonger Club Toasted white bread? Check. Frilly toothpicks? Check. Real chicken? Check. It has been on the menu for as long as we can remember — and may it remain there forevermor­e. The Furlonger Club is a true classic, faithful to the genre. Where it strays, it does so flawlessly — delectable peameal bacon stands in for traditiona­l bacon strips, and a lightly garlicky version replaces plain mayo. Served with a choice of fries, salad, or soup. $14. The Manx Pub, 370 Elgin St.

Sushi Burrito Some might consider it gimmicky, but we’re all in favour of the sushi burrito, a.k.a. the perfect hand food. This is a burrito-sized sushi roll (those with smaller appetites will want to share) filled with fresh fixings and wrapped up like a shawarma. Try the signature Pork Jab, a sinus-clearing delight, the seaweed wrapped around tonkatsu (breaded pork), rice, pickled cabbage, cucumber, a sprinkling of jalapeno and green onions, and a healthy dollop of wasabi mayo. Build-your-own options available. $12.95. Burrito Sensei, 199 Bank St.

Eggplant Tempura As the star of the humble vegetable has risen, every joint in town does a veggie sandwich. But casual coffee house stalwart Pressed has been on the veg bandwagon since it opened in 2012. The Eggplant Tempura is straightfo­rward and tasty. Three ingredient­s — eggplant, vegan miso mayo, and Asian slaw — in a pressed panini. Squishy and crunchy and just a little bit spicy. Served alongside a small salad and sweet-potato chips. $10.95. Pressed, 750 Gladstone Ave.

Dad Bod The sandwich masters at Red Door treat the humble grilled cheese sandwich as high art, creating a slew of first-rate renditions (eight on the menu on our last visit) that mix and match all manner of cheeses and condiments. The Dad Bod brings together aged cheddar, cream cheese, maple-candied Seed to Sausage bacon, and pickled jalapenos. $5.50–$9.50, depending on the sandwich. Red Door Provisions, 117 Beechwood Ave.

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