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Refresher Course

Crafted with care, cool drinks make it easy to sip and stroll the summer away

- By Cindy Deachman

Freddo Cappuccino

“Anna, ya gotta do these freddo cappos. It’s the biggest thing here!” said one of Anna Papadopoul­os’s cousins from Greece. At the Nutty Greek Bake Shop, co-owner Papadopoul­os pours espresso, made with Francesco’s beans, over ice; it’s topped with a dense milk foam with the highest head ever (courtesy of their milkshake machine). $3.50. Nutty Greek Bake Shop, 490 Rochester St.

Lime Soda

Move over, 7Up — Bec’s lime soda from Montreal is here to stay! The soda is for “people who like pop but don’t want to ruin their health,” says co-founder Olivier Dionne. “We worked with chemists to come up with non-synthetic flavouring­s.” This lime pop is sweetened with maple syrup. $3. SuzyQ, 969 Wellington St. W.

Chè Ba Mau

This Vietnamese delicacy looks like a parfait, yet you drink it through a straw. And although it’s called Three Colour Drink, owner/chef Huong Nguyen at Huong’s insists she sees four! Count the sweet housemade layers: red adzuki beans, yellow mung beans, green agar-agar jelly, and white coconut milk. $4. Huong’s Vietnamese Bistro, 359 Booth St.

Mango Granita

You can’t beat pure fruit — in this case, a gorgeous mango granita from gelateria Mantovani 1946. The drink is made by blending crushed ice with handmade sorbetto. The sorbetto recipe — fruit and sugar, but not sweetened too much — comes all the way from the original Mantovani 1946 in Naples. So lush! $6. Mantovani 1946, 87 Murray St.

Strawberry Iced Tea

Nectar of the gods! Brilliant red, this strawberry iced tea comes from chocolatie­r Cylie. Organic strawberry white tea has been cold-steeped — long and slow. Then, along with ByWard Market strawberri­es, a subtle made-in-house vanillabea­n syrup is added. Plus, the ice cubes are made from the tea. Such rarified balance! $4.50. Cylie Artisans Chocolatie­rs, 204 Dalhousie St.

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