My home is lo­cated close to the street near a bus stop. It’s not a shel­ter, but it still at­tracts lots of peo­ple. In the sum­mer, when I have my win­dows open, the noise from peo­ple talk­ing while they wait for the bus can some­times be un­bear­able. Is it poss

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Bus stop lo­ca­tions are de­ter­mined based on what will pro­vide the most con­ve­nient and ef­fi­cient tran­sit ser­vice for res­i­dents in the area. OC Transpo is also in­volved in iden­ti­fy­ing bus stop lo­ca­tions when a new sub­di­vi­sion is in the plan­ning phase.

We are al­ways open to res­i­dent feed­back and can review bus stop lo­ca­tions on re­quest. You can con­tact us by us­ing our web­site or by call­ing the OC Transpo cus­tomer re­la­tions team at 613-842-3600. — Pat Scrim­geour,

My fa­ther is mov­ing in with us, but our home in the city is very small. Plus, we like hav­ing our own space — so does he. I’ve heard about peo­ple build­ing or mov­ing a small house, also known as a coach house, into their back­yard. Can I do that? Can I hook it up to the home’s power/sewer? Are there any size re­stric­tions?

Coach houses in the city of Ot­tawa are per­mit­ted through the per­mis­sions pro­vided by the city’s coach house pro­gram. Some con­fu­sion has arisen in the past around what is con­sid­ered a coach house. For the pur­poses of the Ot­tawa zon­ing by­law, a coach house is de­fined as a de­tached dwelling unit that is sub­sidiary to a prin­ci­ple dwelling unit and lo­cated on the same lot. The min­i­mum size re­stric­tions of a coach house are reg­u­lated by the On­tario Build­ing Code. The max­i­mum size of a coach house is reg­u­lated by the zon­ing by­law and con­tin­gent on the size of the back­yard and the size of the pri­mary home.

Roger Chap­man,

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