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Jenny Buckley Number of years in ’hood: 7

Diversity and affordabil­ity are attractive for this health care profession­al, but she wants more vibrant commercial areas


What do you love about where you live? I didn’t know my neighbourh­ood all that well until COVID hit and I started walking everywhere. I have two little dogs and we’d spend the day checking out this neighbourh­ood and the ones that are close. What I love is I can walk to Parliament Hill, New Edinburgh, and Beechwood Cemetery. I also love the sense of community and the diversity of people that live here. It feels like a good representa­tion of what Canada is all in one neighbourh­ood.

What do you dislike about your neighbourh­ood?

There is a stigma about Vanier. As a result, it has a tendency to be overlooked or seen as a place where the challenges in other neighbourh­oods should just be dumped without any thought of whether the people facing these challenges can access the services they need. This stigma has also led to an underinves­tment in the community. I would love to have dinner in my community or go shopping and support the businesses here, but there are very few options.

What changes would you like to see, short and long term?

More affordable and subsidized housing throughout the neighbourh­ood. It would be great to see the city invest in building supportive housing and for new private developmen­ts to be mandated to include spots for low-income residents so people would be more integrated in the community. Vanier is probably one of the last affordable neighbourh­oods in the city so I would hate to see low-income people moved out by new developmen­ts.

I would also like to see more developmen­t of Montreal Road. There are a few new businesses, but the majority is still predatory lending places and pawn shops. It would be great if the city could incentiviz­e businesses to come into Vanier. FOOD 0.7 km – Average distance to nearest 3 grocery stores (vs. city average of 2.5 km)

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