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As con­dos and com­pact homes be­come the new nor­mal, bath­rooms have taken a hit in square footage. But we’ve all heard the say­ing, “good things come in small pack­ages,” right? As a de­signer, I’m here to prove that the­ory true.

Cre­at­ing a lux­u­ri­ous, deca­dent bath­room when you’re chal­lenged with lim­ited space may sound like a daunt­ing task, but it doesn’t have to be. You just have to know where to start.

Step one to cre­at­ing a fab­u­lous bath­room - or any room, for that mat­ter - is in­vest­ing in an equally stand-out cen­ter­piece. In a bath­room, the fo­cal point is the bath­tub 99 per cent of the time so this is one fix­ture that’s def­i­nitely worth the splurge.

I’ve al­ways loved the ro­mance and sculp­tural el­e­gance of a free­stand­ing bath- tub. This is the ul­ti­mate in in­dul­gence. Be­yond its ob­vi­ous “wow” fac­tor, this style of tub has a cou­ple of prac­ti­cal things go­ing for it, too. First, a free­stand­ing tub vis­ually oc­cu­pies less space, mak­ing it ideal for a com­pact bath­room lay­out. Sec­ond, this style of bath­tub phys­i­cally takes up less floor space,leav­ing a lit­tle ex­tra room to move around.

Slim sil­hou­ettes: Re­search dif­fer­ent shapes, styles and sizes of bath­tubs be­fore you se­lect one. Lux­ury Bri­tish bath brand Vic­to­ria + Al­bert of­fers a few com­pact-friendly op­tions that are def­i­nitely worth check­ing out. V+A re­cently re­leased the Ve­tralla and Ve­tralla2 free­stand­ing tubs, de­signed ex­pressly with small spa­ces in mind. Their sim­ple, sleek de­sign fea­tures an el­e­gant, crisp rim that works well with modern or con­tem­po­rary aes­thet­ics. Also check out V+A’s Marl­bor­ough bath, which boasts a com­pact foot­print that com­ple­ments a small space. I love the ro­man­tic shape of this dou­ble-ended slip­per tub - it ’s per­fectly suited to clas­sic or modern bath­room styles.

Be­fore div­ing into a bath­tub de­ci­sion, here are some things to con­sider. How do you bathe? What’s your rou­tine? Do you like to read while tak­ing a soak? Do you lounge alone, Who else is us­ing the tub, and do they have any spe­cial needs? Your an­swers will help de­ter­mine the type of bath­tub that will best suit your prac­ti­cal needs. For in­stance, if the tub will be used to bathe a baby, or if you have mo­bil­ity is­sues, a shal­lower de­sign could be your best bet.

It’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that not all bath­rooms are cre­ated equal. More or less space, dif­fer­ent floor plans and what you have in them will all af­fect the size and lo­ca­tion for your bath­tub.

Is your bath­room’s decor clean and modern, clas­sic and tra­di­tional, or some­thing in be­tween? Your bath­tub can add to the style theme, or throw it off en­tirely, so choose wisely.

You would never pur­chase a bed with­out first test­ing the springs. Sit in­side the bath­tub and take it for a “test drive,” if you will. En­sure the tub is as com­fort­able as it is beau­ti­ful.

Fin­ish your spa-in­spired bath­room with some pure in­dul­gence in the form of fluffy tow­els, cushy bathrobes, aro­matic in­cense, bath oils and can­dles. Cre­at­ing a serene bath­room that in­vites you to re­lax in to­tal lux­ury is all about the de­tails - big and small. You de­serve it, no mat- ter the size of your space.

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