Sto­ry­time: Stinky the Skunk

The real les­son here? Don’t judge a sweet-na­tured skunk by his smell!

Our Canada - - Features - By Louise Mc­gor­man, Ab­bots­ford, B. C.

Once upon a time, there was a tiny blackand-white skunk who lived in the great for­est. His name was Stinky. He was called Stinky be­cause he was able to scare his en­e­mies away by lift­ing his tail and let­ting loose a spray of foul-smelling liq­uid. This spray was so strong it could be smelled as far as a mile away, and could even cause tem­po­rary blind­ness if any­one got too close.

Stinky was a kind lit­tle skunk and he never used his spray un­less he ab­so­lutely had to. In spite of this he had no friends. When­ever the other an­i­mals in the for­est saw him com­ing, they ran away.

Stinky would call af­ter them, “Please don’t run away. I only want to play with you.”

But the other an­i­mals didn’t lis­ten. So Stinky was very lonely. Even though he was sad that no one liked him, he held his tail up proudly and went off to play by him­self. As he walked through the for­est, he al­ways stopped to smell the wildflowers. There were daisies, but­ter­cups, blue­bells and even dan­de­lions. Some­times Stinky was so lone­some that he would talk to the flow­ers.

“Hello, Miss Daisy,” he’d say, as he touched his nose to the white petals. Or, “Miss But­ter­cup, have you made any but­ter to­day? And Mr. Dan­de­lion, I do like your bright yel­low coat.”

The flow­ers would nod and smile and sway gen­tly in the breeze. Of course, as they could not up­root them­selves to run and play with Stinky, he still had no play­mates.

One day, while Stinky was talk­ing to the flow­ers, he heard a ter­ri­fy­ing noise. He looked up to see all the for­est an­i­mals run­ning as fast as they could. They crashed through the for­est, and be­hind them came a big ugly mon­ster. The mon­ster had coal­black eyes, big teeth and huge dan­gling arms. It was try­ing to catch the flee­ing an­i­mals! Stinky knew right away that he had to help. Even though the other an­i­mals had re­fused to be his friends, he could not al­low the mon­ster to catch them. So, plant­ing him­self firmly in its path, he lifted his tail. When the mon­ster was al­most on top of him, Stinky let loose a big spray of smelly liq­uid. The mon­ster stopped in his tracks, then be­gan to howl and rub his eyes with his big hairy hands. Fi­nally, he turned and ran away.

The for­est an­i­mals gath­ered around Stinky. “Thank you so much for sav­ing us!” they ex­claimed. “We are so sorry that we never let you play with us. Will you for­give us and be our friend?”

“Yes,” smiled Stinky hap­pily. “I would very much like to be your friend. And I prom­ise I will never use my scent to hurt you.”

From then on, all the for­est an­i­mals played to­gether hap­pily, and the mon­ster was never seen again.

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