Clarence to the Res­cue

A cow­boy and his camel’s work is never done!

Our Canada - - Storytime - By Harry Kuhn, London, Ont.

Once upon a time, I was rid­ing on Clarence, my best friend and stuffed camel, in the Old West. As we rode through a val­ley that re­sem­bled our liv­ing room, I heard a girl call­ing for help. There at the end of the val­ley, on a cliff that was sim­i­lar to our couch, was a blonde-haired, blueeyed girl in a flo­ral dress. She re­sem­bled a girl who lives in our neigh­bour­hood. I tight­ened the draw­string of my cow­boy hat and gal­loped to­wards her. Clarence and I stopped in front of the cliff and I asked if we could help.

She said her name was Amanda and that she was stuck. I care­fully helped her down and in­tro­duced my­self. Sud­denly, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek! My face felt hot and I quickly un­tan­gled my­self from her hug and in­vited her to ride back to town on Clarence with me.

Along the way, we passed through a canyon that re­sem­bled the hall­way in my house, and even­tu­ally, we turned into a town, which was much like our din­ing room.

I helped Amanda off Clarence and tipped my hat to her. We said good­bye, and I turned Clarence around and off we went.

Later that af­ter­noon, Clarence and I rode to the res­cue—this time, with six-guns blaz­ing, and fought off a band of out­laws who were try­ing to rob a stage­coach. All the pas­sen­gers cheered for us.

Af­ter a busy day on the range, Clarence and I rode, tall and proud, back to our val­ley hide­away and lay down to rest. As I be­came drowsy and my eye­lids grew heavy, in my mind I saw Amanda again and felt her kiss on my cheek. Smil­ing, I rolled over and wrapped both my arms around Clarence’s neck and drifted off to sleep.

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