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Be care­ful not to use too much yeast in the dough.

Wa­ter should be around 18-19 de­grees Cel­sius. Hot wa­ter is not rec­om­mended as it speeds up fer­men­ta­tion.

Di­vide dough into dough balls for bet­ter tem­per­a­ture con­trol dur­ing fer­men­ta­tion.

Place the dough in your hands and fold the sides into the cen­ter con­tin­u­ally un­til a smooth dough ball is formed.

Longer fer­men­ta­tion equals bet­ter crust. For the best re­sults al­low 2-3 days of fer­ment­ing, room tem­per­a­ture first and then in the re­frig­er­a­tor.

Af­ter fer­men­ta­tion, gen­tly stretch out the dough by push­ing it out with your fin­gers un­til the de­sired di­am­e­ter is achieved. Pizza dough is del­i­cate, treat it with love!!

Make your oven as hot as you can. Wood fired pizza ovens can reach up to 900 de­grees, so keep an eye on the bot­tom of the crust.

Slice and en­joy!

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