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GRILLED WA­TER­MELON - 10 por­tions

1 small whole seed­less wa­ter­melon 1/4 lbs feta cheese

10 mint leaves

10 ed­i­ble flow­ers

1/4 cup re­duced bal­samic vine­gar


Cut wa­ter­melon into 2x2 inch thick slices

Grill on high 5 min both sides (let cool)

Cut grilled wa­ter­melon into 2 inch thick cubes

Cut feta into 2 inch thin cubes

Place mint, feta on top of wa­ter­melon and driz­zle bal­samic Add ed­i­ble flower on top

GRILLED CORN - 6 serv­ings 6 ears of sweet corn on the cob 1/2 cup of chopped cilantro 1 cup of co­conut oil or but­ter 2 tbs of chili pow­der

3 tbs of gar­lic pow­der

4 tbs of onion pow­der

4 limes

2 tbs salt


1/2 cup white vine­gar 4 litres of wa­ter re­move corn silks-not husk soak corn in mix­ture- 2 hrs


In sauce pan, com­bine co­conut oil or (but­ter) and all other in­gre­di­ents

Cut limes in half and squeeze juice in pan

On low heat, stir un­til co­conut oil/but­ter is melted Roast corn with husk on the BBQ for 15 min turn­ing ev­ery 3 min

Pull back corn­husk and lather sauce - serve

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