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mas­ters have al­ways had the be­lief that the proper place­ment of plants both in­side and out­side the home feed the soul by bring­ing health, wealth and pros­per­ity to those who re­side there. Some plants you should con­sider in­cor­po­rat­ing in your home in­clude:


Palms come in a vast num­ber of species and sizes. In terms of Feng Shui this clas­si­cal trop­i­cal plant is known to at­tract pos­i­tive en­ergy into the home and is used to ac­ti­vate any miss­ing or ab­sent feng shui el­e­ment in any given room, pa­tio, or terrace.


For thou­sands of years bam­boo has been renowned for bring­ing peace, love, health and luck into the home. Place­ment of bam­boo to the east of the house fo­cuses on fam­ily. How­ever plac­ing bam­boo in­side or out of the South­east side of the home is the cen­tre of wealth. Hardy peren­nial bam­boo are avail­able in Canada and the gift of lucky bam­boo to a friend just may be the per­fect house­warm­ing!

Rub­ber Plant

Easy to grow in­doors, rub­ber plants have air pu­ri­fy­ing round leaves that are thought to bring pros­per­ity and money into the home. Ac­cord­ing to Feng Shui prin­ci­ples the ideal place­ment is around the front hall of your home.

Snake Plant

Some Feng Shui mas­ters be­lieve snake plant is a neg­a­tive en­ergy plant, but oth­ers feel plac­ing snake plant in the home or of­fice will bring pro­tec­tive en­ergy, shield­ing those in the home from neg­a­tive Chi. Who knew? I say it’s an easy plant to grow and pretty bul­let­proof even for the worst in­door gar­den­ers.

Jade Plant

From the 1970’s on jade have found their way into sev­eral North Amer­i­can homes be­cause they are both at­trac­tive and easy to care for. In the prac­tice of Feng Shui it is the ideal plant to place in the home of­fice as it at­tracts pros­per­ity and money. Tra­di­tion­ally jades are placed near a home’s en­trance as the plant wel­comes suc­cess to any­one who en­ters.

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