The thought of my kids turn­ing 18.

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En­ter­tain­ment Tonight’s Ch­eryl Hickey talks child rear­ing and our must-have Cana­di­ana prod­ucts.


How you spend your alone time:

I take a bub­ble bath and work on mom­preneur projects.

One thing you can’t live with­out:

Tum­bler to-go travel mugs.

Kid splurge:

Ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties.

Favourite thing about par­ent­ing:

Get­ting to be a kid again – brings out the silly.

Least favourite thing about par­ent­ing:

Mid­night vom­it­ing and night wak­ing.

Favourite fam­ily va­ca­tion spot:

Any­where warm.

Ap­proach to tantrums:

I treat the kids like adults and al­low them to ar­tic­u­late their emo­tions. We have a con­ver­sa­tion.

5 par­ent­ing items you can’t live with­out:

Baby mon­i­tor, a wicked stroller, to-go cups, co­conut oil, Boo­gie Wipes.

Favourite celeb par­ents:

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Rus­sell (be­cause they’re just so much fun!), Chrissy Teigen and John Legend (be­cause they stand up for what they be­lieve in), Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (be­cause I find them to be very gen­uine and down to earth), Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopi­lato

(be­cause they are strong).

Rate your cook­ing skills:

3 stars, but try­ing to im­prove.

Best meal you make, ac­cord­ing to your kids:

Pis­ta­chio crusted salmon. Jaxson loves crush­ing the pis­ta­chios.

What makes you laugh:

Watch­ing blooper videos of peo­ple fall­ing. DJ Di­a­per (AKA my hus­band wear­ing a di­a­per on his head).

The num­ber of shoes that you own:

Hun­dreds – too many to count! When my kids achieve per­sonal goals and show pride in what they’ve ac­com­plished.

Favourite way to stay ac­tive:

Pi­lates and Ply­o­met­rics.

Favourite beauty prod­ucts:

Skin care lasers, co­conut oil, vi­ta­min C serums, any­thing in Suzanne Mackay’s (ET Canada’s makeup artist) makeup case.

Big­gest pet peeve about other par­ents:

Par­ents who judge other par­ents.

Your par­ent­ing strength:

Pa­tience and al­ways prac­tis­ing safety first.

Your par­ent­ing weak­ness:

Sleep train­ing skills.

Ch­eryl Hickey has been the host of En­ter­tain­ment Tonight Canada (week­nights on Global) for 12 years. Her day job may be all glitz and glam­our, but at home, she’s all about baby mon­i­tors, co­conut oil and the oc­ca­sional mid­night vom­it­ing.

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