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Sum­mer­time fun.

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1. Su­per­cy­cle Kick­start Bike Learn­ing to ride can be tough, but this bike was specif­i­cally de­signed to make it eas­ier. For ages 3–6, it comes with a train­ing han­dle for par­ents, and ad­justable train­ing wheels for lit­tle cy­clists. AVAIL­ABLE AT: Cana­dian Tire, cana­di­ U$130 2. Lil Gadgets Un­tan­gled Pro Head­phones Wire­less, vol­ume-con­trolled head­phones are a must for any sum­mer road­trip. AVAIL­ABLE AT: Best Buy, ama­ U$49 3. Gi­ant In­flat­a­bles Uni­corn It’s a huge uni­corn float for the pool. Need we say more? AVAIL­ABLE AT: Mas­ter­mind Toys, mas­ter­ U$18 4. Gazil­lion Gi­ant Bub­ble Mill Pour in the bub­ble so­lu­tion, hit the but­ton and cre­ate super-sized bub­bles to chase and pop. AVAIL­ABLE AT: Toys R Us, Wal­mart U$27 5. Mi­cro Trike Super Com­pact Stroller Per­fect for tired lit­tle legs! Great for the zoo or long walks, this trike/stroller folds up eas­ily to be car­ried or popped in the car.

For 18 months and up. AVAIL­ABLE AT: Kick­ U$125 6. Live Clean Af­ter Sun 98% Aloe Vera Gel Too much sun? Soothe your skin with or­ganic aloe, tea tree oil and ar­nica ex­tract. AVAIL­ABLE AT: Shop­pers Drug Mart, Wal­mart U$8 7. Ba­nana Boat Sport for Kids Sun­screen Lo­tion Spray This spray is tear-free and gen­tle. Re­mem­ber to hit ev­ery area of ex­posed skin! AVAIL­ABLE AT: Ma­jor re­tail­ers U$12

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