Au­diopipe APNK-40001

Am­pli­fier Re­view

Pasmag (Canada) - - Test Report -

If you are look­ing for big bass power at an un­ex­pected pri­ce­point, you may want to check out the Au­diopipe APNK-40001 monoblock am­pli­fier. The APNK-40001 is de­signed for re­li­able au­dio power, re­gard­less of load im­ped­ance, right down to one ohm. With a sug­gested re­tail price of $566.99, it's one of the most af­ford­able ul­tra­high-power am­pli­fiers avail­able.

The big monoblock looks pretty good, and feels it too, with a weight of right around 30 pounds! A black an­odized ex­truded alu­minum heatsink is fin­ished in a brushed “hair­line” look, just like ex­pen­sive home au­dio com­po­nents. On one end of the amp you will find the nick­elplated 1/0-AWG power terminals and a set of four-AWG speaker out­puts. The op­po­site end of the amp lo­cates the sig­nal in­puts and out­puts, which are rugged, high­end-look­ing, panel-mount-style RCAs, as well as the ad­just­ment pots for gain, a 50- to 250-Hz low­pass fil­ter, 15- to 40-Hz sub­sonic fil­ter, and bass EQ boost level with up to 18 dB of boost.

Self-pro­tec­tion comes in the form of built-in pro­tec­tion modes for ther­mal, short cir­cuit, and low bat­tery volt­ages. With an am­pli­fier this mas­sive, sturdy mount­ing feet are im­por­tant, so the APNK-40001 comes with strong heavy-gauge steel tabs in­te­grated into the am­pli­fier's end pan­els. Also in­cluded is a wired re­mote level con­trol, so you can fine tune the amount of bass you get right from the driver's seat. In­side the am­pli­fier you find a dou­ble-sided PCB, along with spe­cially treated trans­form­ers to im­prove re­li­a­bil­ity and elim­i­nate trans­former noise. Sig­nal trans­fer from the out­put stage of the amp to the speaker terminals is ac­com­plished via heavy-gauge pure cop­per stranded ca­bles. The small sig­nal parts are all tra­di­tional through-hole parts, and the amp sports 15 3,300-μF high tem­per­a­ture ca­pac­i­tors in the pri­mary and another 10 1,200-μF caps in the high volt­age stage. The am­pli­fier did not come with any fus­ing, so this is some­thing the in­staller would need to add dur­ing in­stal­la­tion.

When I get a pow­er­house like this in my lis­ten­ing sys­tem, it's al­ways a treat be­cause it's one of those sit­u­a­tions where I can sim­ply play things as loud as I like with­out ever wor­ry­ing about reach­ing the am­pli­fier's lim­its. I con­nected the APNK-40001 to four 15-inch woofers in sealed en­clo­sures, with a fi­nal im­ped­ance of two ohms. Af­ter set­ting

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