Fo­cal FDP6.900

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Pasmag (Canada) - - Test Report -

high-pass or low-pass set­tings, and then al­lows band­pass to also be ac­com­plished thanks to two more sep­a­rate fre­quency con­trols. Suf­fice it to say, if you can’t send the right sig­nals to your sys­tem’s speak­ers with this amp, you need some help.

Cross­over flex­i­bil­ity aside, there are other nice touches to be had with the Fo­cal amp. The power supply is reg­u­lated to pro­vide the same power to your speak­ers, re­gard­less of bat­tery volt­age. There are three pairs of RCA in­puts for max­i­mum sig­nal con­trol, but there is also a 2/4/6-chan­nel sig­nal steer­ing switch, so you can drive the en­tire amp with what­ever sig­nal in­put you have handy. If you don’t have RCA out­puts, the FDP6.900 will ac­cept speaker wire level in­puts directly to the RCA con­nec­tors thanks to the very wide range of gain ad­just­ment avail­able. When us­ing speaker level in­puts from a BTL am­pli­fier (typ­i­cal OEM amp) there is no need for a sep­a­rate turn-on wire, as turn-on will be sensed through the RCA con­nec­tors. A wired re­mote sub­woofer vol­ume con­trol is also avail­able.

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