Pioneer TS-D12D2 12”

Sub­woofer Re­view

Pasmag (Canada) - - Tr. -

Rotella's Friends sounds tight, mu­si­cal and ex­cep­tion­ally well de­fined, which pretty much de­scribes the over­all sound char­ac­ter of the woofer in a sealed box.

Then I switched to the vented type of en­clo­sure, and the char­ac­ter of the woofer changed just as you'd ex­pect. One im­por­tant note when us­ing a vented en­clo­sure is to make sure you have a prop­erly tuned sub­sonic fil­ter on the am­pli­fier. This en­sures the woofer does not “un­load” be­low the en­clo­sure's tuned fre­quency, which in my case was 36 Hz.

A lit­tle of the very low fre­quency ex­ten­sion was miss­ing, but the out­put was louder in gen­eral and had a mu­si­cal punchy char­ac­ter­is­tic. This is ex­actly what the fans of vented en­clo­sures are

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