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Cam­pag­nolo’s Cen­taur me­chan­i­cal group has been re­vamped for 2018. Made of alu­minum, it of­fers race-ready per­for­mance at a more af­ford­able price. The Cen­taur uses a four-arm spi­der crankset that is com­pat­i­ble with all chain­ring com­bi­na­tions. The Er­gopower shifters share the same feel as the up­per-end groups and Pow­er­shift in­ter­nals al­low for an EPS-style down­shift­ing lever. The rear de­railleur has been de­signed to han­dle a va­ri­ety of 11-speed cas­settes with up to 32 teeth. The chain has been re­designed for in­creased dura­bil­ity and the brakes are lighter as well. The en­tire group weighs 2,471g.

Campy has em­braced disc-brake tech­nol­ogy and added a flat-mount hy­draulic caliper to both me­chan­i­cal and EPS groups. The 11-speed shifters add a hy­draulic pis­ton, but only in­crease the height by 8mm. The me­chan­i­cal groups with disc brakes are now Su­per Record, Record, Cho­rus and Potenza. The EPS groups with disc are now Su­per Record EPS and Record EPS elec­tronic-shift­ing groups. Ro­tors come in 140mm and 160mm.

The MyCampy app has im­proved func­tion­al­ity and is the first free item from Campy. There is a MyGarage func­tion that al­lows rid­ers to keep track of their com­po­nents and when they need ser­vice. MySes­sions lets rid­ers keep track of all of their cy­cling ac­tiv­i­ties, and the ETETET func­tion al­lows rid­ers to cus­tom­ize their EPS per­for­mance.

Shi­mano’s STEPS cranksets, pre­vi­ously only avail­able in Hol­lowtech and Solid 175mm and 170mm lengths, are now joined by the com­pany’s new 165mm Hol­lowtech crank arms. The shorter length pro­vides greater ground clear­ance, less chance of pedal strike and is op­ti­mized for a smooth ca­dence.

The BR-M8020 hy­draulic-brake calipers fea­ture an up­grade to four ce­ramic pis­tons for in­creased stop­ping power over two-pis­ton sys­tems. Fea­tures in­clude the ICE Tech­nolo­gies heat-man­age­ment sys­tem, reach and stroke ad­just­ments and one-way bleed­ing.

Shi­mano’s new Ul­te­gra R8000 group comes in an im­pres­sive range of gear choices, in­clud­ing 11-25T, 11-28T, 11-30T, 11-32T, 12-25T, 14-28T and 11-34T. But gear com­bos are not the only op­tion you have when it comes to Ul­te­gra cus­tomiza­tion. Brakes are avail­able in both rim and hy­draulic op­tions with ICE Tech­nolo­gies Freeza ro­tors, and newly re­designed dual-con­trol levers and re­mote-shift­ing op­tions al­low you to truly cus­tom­ize your en­tire driv­e­train to your de­sired pref­er­ence.

In­ter­est­ingly, the cen­ter­piece of the Ul­te­gra R8000 pack­age has no cen-

ter at all. The sleek sil­hou­ette of the arms on the Hol­lowtech II crankset are di­rect from Dura-Ace de­sign and of­fer low weight without loss of stiff­ness or power trans­fer.

The Ul­te­gra R8000 me­chan­i­cal shifters fea­ture new dual-con­trol levers that of­fer greater reach for ad­just­ing brake and gear levers, and the re­designed in­ter­nal-shift­ing unit makes rear-shift­ing quick and in­tu­itive. Shadow RD tech­nol­ogy makes the de­railleur more com­pact and closer to the frame, en­sur­ing less dam­age in the event of a crash. The groupset of­fers two rear de­railleurs: one for 11-25/11-30 and one for 11-28/11-34 cas­settes.

Shi­mano’s Di2 can also be cus­tom­ized to your per­sonal shift­ing pref­er­ences via PC or wire­lessly through the E-Tube app for An­droid and iOS. New Ul­te­gra Di2 levers also in­clude top-of-the-hood but­tons for re­mote shift­ing, which can be pro­grammed to shift gears or to con­trol an­cil­lary de­vices such as com­pat­i­ble com­put­ers or light­ing.

In time trial/triathlon use, the Ul­te­gra ST-R8060 TT/Triathlon Dual Con­trol lever al­lows you to shift the front and rear de­railleurs from the brake levers on your time-trial base bar. The SWR671 Re­mote Triathlon shifter will mount to any aero ex­ten­sion bar for ac­cu­rate shifts while in the aero po­si­tion.

New brake calipers in the Ul­te­gra R8000 se­ries of­fer su­pe­rior stop­ping power and a wider clear­ance makes them com­pat­i­ble with larger tires such as 28C.

Shi­mano also rolls out the tube­less WH-RS700 rim-brake wheels and the tube­less WH-RS770 disc-brake wheels. New HB/FH-RS700/770 hubs of­fer a weight sav­ing of al­most 60g, com­pared to a pair of Ul­te­gra 6800 hubs, while the rims are made us­ing a lighter car­bon layup process, cre­at­ing a rim-brake wheelset that is 80g lighter than its pre­de­ces­sor.

SRAM launches the S-900 Aero HRD disc brake for aero dis­ci­plines with the idea that spend­ing less time slow­ing down means more time that the rider can spend go­ing fast. The disc brake al­lows for aero­dy­namic op­ti­miza­tion of the front of the crown by re­mov­ing the con­ven­tional brake and clear­ing that area.

The power of the hy­draulic brakes al­lows the rider to go into cor­ners faster and use a shorter brak­ing dis­tance. The reach-ad­justable car­bon brake lever is tex­tured for bet­ter grip, and the power and mod­u­la­tion are op­ti­mized for triathlon and time-trial use.

The Hy­droT aero-spe­cific caliper of­fers su­pe­rior con­trol and heat man­age­ment and can work with ei­ther a Cen­terLineX 140 or 160mm ro­tor. It comes in a stealth-black fin­ish.

Shi­mano’s Ul­te­graR8000 group

Cam­pag­nolo’s new Cen­taur me­chan­i­cal gruppo

SRAM’s new S-900 Aero HRD disc brake

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