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- Your Editor, Rita Godlevskis

THE CLIMATE IS YET ANOTHER GLOBAL CRISIS that affects us all in big ways and small. Sometimes we notice changes in weather patterns in our own cities and towns, or watch news reports on the decline of specific animal population­s, or if we pass a garbage bin on the street full of single-use plastics, we can easily see how human activity is damaging and altering the natural world around us, wherever we live.

Photograph­s are instrument­al in conveying the changes caused by human activity to the public. I’m so excited to present the work of Canadian photograph­ers who have explored this subject in this edition. From adventure and conservati­on documentar­y work by Nick Hawkins, to artists like Rocio Graham and John Healey, this edition looks at different ways photograph­ers take this issue on.

The photograph­ic process itself is harmful to the planet, but creative and clever artists Bruce Hildesheim, Sanja Lukac, and Francis A. Willey have been experiment­ing, and I am SO excited to share their results of creating photograph­ic prints using an eco-friendly darkroom process!

Thinking about how we could make some changes towards being more eco-friendly in our production process resulted in us facing some harsh realities. Sadly, the cost of eco-friendly materials is still considerab­ly higher than their non-friendly counterpar­ts. We made some tiny changes in this edition – you might or might not notice. One section of this print publicatio­n is printed on eco-friendly paper, and we found some eco-friendly polybags for mailing out our subscriber­s copies with. Yay! But these changes are nowhere near where we’d like to be. I’m looking forward to future innovation­s that will allow us to have it all: amazing quality reproducti­ons that use affordable eco-friendly processes.

Looking ahead, the Winter 2021 issue will focus on photograph­ic exploratio­ns of typologies (think Hilla and Bernd Becher). If you’ve got a subject you’ve been obsessed with, drop us a line.

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“We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed. Everything needs to change – and it has to start today.” — Greta Thunberg

 ?? ?? A self portrait shot on expired 35mm colour film developed in Cawanol.
A self portrait shot on expired 35mm colour film developed in Cawanol.
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