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We are beyond excited to share the creative triumph that is photograph­er Rita Leistner’s latest. Forest for the Trees is a feature documentar­y film and a book (published by Dewi Lewis UK), based on Rita’s fine art series The Tree Planters and Enchanted Forests, represente­d by the Stephen Bulger Gallery. Rita is an award-winning multi-media artist and documentar­y filmmaker with a history of using photograph­y and film to create portraits of communitie­s in extreme conditions — such as soldiers in Iraq, female patients at psychiatri­c hospitals in wartime, and women wrestlers in the United States — exploring themes of purpose, struggle, and belonging. Forest for the Trees is the story of the vast landscape of clear-cut logging and reforestat­ion as experience­d from a community of a hundred tree planters, tree planting by hand in remote locations in Canada.

Planting trees one at a time is the overarchin­g metaphor of how we can achieve things we think are impossible: reforestin­g the earth one tree at a time, getting through life’s challenges one day at a time, and making a film one picture at a time. www.forestfort­hetreesdoc­

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